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Problems of CAD Migration in Modern Design

Electronic and mechanical engineering firms are familiar with the problems manufacturers have with interoperability – that is, the smooth integration of various systems and system software applications. Effective data migration and CAD translation is at the root of smooth productivity.

Supply chains are often linked by a multitude of mechanical CAD systems, software applications and file formats. System software providers are all, however, looking for the same thing – an elusive Universal File Format, or UFF, supporting all data systems. Some will say such a thing already exists, with the IGES (Initial Graphics Exchange Specification) and STEP (Standard for the Exchange of Product model data) systems. Both are neutral data formats which allow digital exchange of CAD design files across platforms. However, their usefulness as CAD translation tools are marred by their shortcomings.

The development of STEP in 1994 led to a loss of interest in improving and developing the IGES system, which STEP was intended to replace. Whereas IGES was developed solely for CAD migration, STEP was formatted to support the product throughout its entire life cycle. However, STEP has so far failed to live up to its expectations, and IGES is still the most common system in use.

However, engineers suffer many frustrations with CAD migration using IGES, with missing surfaces and corrupted files which take hours, sometimes days to put right. 3D CAD translation and file compatibility is an increasingly complex issue, not helped by the IT literacy required to cope with new file formats.

For this reason, many companies turn to us at Enventure Technologies. We provide an extensive range of CAD CAM services, including 3D modeling, CAD migration, CAD translation and 2D to 3D conversion of legacy files.

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