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Firmware Development Protocols for the 21st Century

Hardware design today is a lot more complex than a few years ago – both in practical terms and in terms of bureaucratic red tape, such as RoHS compliance and the WEEE directive. For this reason, a lot of people are turning to companies like Enventure to manage these areas.

As the world becomes ever more technologically advanced, hardware design companies are becoming used to getting outlandish requests from customers with little or no knowledge of mechanical or electronic concepts. Similarly, if you work for a larger engineering company, the CEO may have little understanding of terms you take for granted, like firmware development and PCB design. It’s easy to just act superior and keep them in the dark. However, if the bosses and customers understand some of the basics (and difficulties) of firmware development and mechanical design, you will find productivity increases.

When someone ‘at the top’ has a brilliant idea for a new gadget, they often think it’s just a matter of scribbling it down and passing it on to the engineers. They don’t realise there’s a big difference between a simple printed circuit board and complex embedded firmware. System software engineering is controlled by a very different set of disciplines to simple printed circuitry, such as building embedded code.

If you or a customer has had an idea for a brilliant new hardware design, but feel it’s beyond your scope, we at Enventure Technologies offer a full range of high value engineering services, from CAD drafting to firmware development.

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