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Firmware Development for Digital Signal Processor Applications

January 14, 2011 Tags: , ,

Digital signal processing (DSP) programming is a highly effective system development tool in hardware applications that need to perform rapid calculations on data supplied in a real-time environment, e.g. musical performance and climate measurements.

DSP system design is an advanced area, in which algorithms must be designed and integrated into existing system software and embedded firmware. For this reason, these projects are often turned over to us at Enventure Technologies. Our engineers are experts in low-level system programming, system software integration, and DSP interface technology, and use only top quality chip manufacturers to engineer components.

DSP programming focuses on software and firmware development and on the development of device drivers, and requires specialist knowledge of custom interfaces and algorithm integration. Some of the areas in which digital signal processing is used include:

  • System software for audio and video compression and decompression
  • Broadcasting
  • Processing of videos and images
  • Data conversion software
  • Multi-channel audio mixing
  • Signal processing of RF, IF, and baseband frequencies
  • Echo suppression and noise reduction/cancellation
  • Automatic Gain Control systems, for example VOGAD (Voice-Operated Gain-Adjusting Device) used in microphones and telephony.

As well as designing new hardware, engineering companies often improve or remodel old ones, for example developing device drivers to support the integration of DSP programming into existing embedded firmware.

DSP hardware design is a diverse and exciting area, increasingly used in wireless technology and applications such as VoIP and digitisation of audio and visual content.

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