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Are you getting the manufacturing support you need to change direction?

When an SME (small to medium enterprise) decides to “go big” with a new product, the potential profits can be enormous. However, so can the costs. Your new DSP or mechanical design may be the best thing since the invention of the bread slicing machine, but without a tight grip on things like environmental compliance management and vendor identification it could be doomed to failure.

If you are used to system development on a small scale, you may need the help of a company specializing in cost reduction services or manufacturing support. Producing engineering BOMs for one-off commissions and small batch production is very different to manufacturing in bulk, where every penny counts.

Consider, say, an aeronautical research company with an occasional DSP programming commission they want you to take care of. If extra expenses creep in, they’re taken care of in the invoice. Data cleaning and obsolescence management tend to get overlooked, when customers are willing to pay whatever it costs for you to do the job properly. However, when you come up with a ground-breaking design patented for mass production, the rules are very different. If consumers feel they’re not getting excellent value for money, they will go elsewhere. However unique your concept is, the moment it is on the market others will be copying it. You can’t offset rising production costs with rising prices at the vendor’s end.

We at Enventure Technologies offer manufacturing support for companies of all sizes. We can help with manufacturing BOM’s, MRO maintenance, data cleansing, WEEE legislation and much more.

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