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2D to 3D conversion – bringing it all alive

January 18, 2011 Tags: , , , ,

Anyone who watched the recent Reebok Zigtech advert will have seen firsthand how effective 3D CAD animation can be. Using a mixture of 2D to 3D conversion and 360o CAD animation, the makers were able to showcase a new product as if it were an engineering drawing project come to life. Motion capture was used to make the athlete’s movements appear natural, while the shoe itself began as a doodle on a drawing board.

3D animation often begins with a 2D concept. Once, these images alone had the “wow” factor, but that has become passé. Now engineers are increasingly relying on 3D engineering animation, both to sell their proposals to clients and to aid manufacture and construction. 3D CAD animation is used by engineering companies to prepare impressive corporate presentations, create interactive websites, aid computational fluid dynamics and reverse engineering protocols.

Architects still prefer to use conventional drawing boards. But now they can scan their drawings onto the PC and use 2D to 3D conversion to create room plans. This is still animation, since although the rooms don’t move the viewer does, and while home buyers once had to leaf through pages of still images, imagining how the room layouts would look in reality, now they have interactive CAD visualization. Like in gaming, the viewer can relate to the graphic images and interact with the virtual world around them.

At Enventure Technologies we provide CAD animation and 2D to 3D conversion for projects of every kind.

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