MRO Data Cleansing – A Must for Effective Master Data Management

The MRO master data cleansing process transforms inconsistent and corrupt data into reliable data. It results in a common material and vendor catalog that ensures supply chain efficiency, high-speed parts retrievals and up-to-date records.

Though the process seems simple, it’s not. Industry specific taxonomy, best data classification practice, specialized data workflows, and data cleansing experts are required to cleanse mass MRO data across ERP and EAM systems. The idea behind material master cleansing is to keep data files in order. The files should be accessible across the organization without any errors. This is why, MRO data cleansing companies recommend timely data audits, accurate classifications and the best data cleansing processes to enrich the master data management strategies of their clients.

The need for MRO data cleansing

It’s critical to maintain reliable data quality for the smooth functioning and success (or failure) of an organization. This is specifically true for manufacturing, processing and asset-intensive organizations looking for optimum value generation.

  • As firms scale up, an increase in the complexity of digital and inventory data throws up new challenges that require adept handling of the material master.
  • Inferior data quality may result in unusable and unreliable data, lack of spend visibility, ownership issues and junk accumulation.

MRO data cleansing specialists help you identify gaps created by sub-standard processes, obsolete technology, major organizational changes and manual MRO data handling processes to ensure more effective Master MRO data management. For instance, a robust taxonomy system in a Food and Beverage organization can help segregate spare parts that are food grade and nonfood grade to reduce risks and streamline asset performance.

Benefits of MRO data cleansing

The consequences of removing the inefficiencies of low data quality are many:

  • Structured and unified MRO data will curb the high costs of impulse purchases/spot buys
  • Reduced equipment downtime and stock-out of critical parts
  • More informed preventive maintenance decisions and intelligence sharing of maintenance operations
  • Effective procurement of inventory, materials handling operations and Inventory optimization
  • Successful part searches and MRO item identification
  • Efficient sourcing strategies and enterprise risk mitigation
  • Better maintenance systems performance, MRO supply chain optimization, and process compliance

Tasks performed during MRO data cleansing

  • Rationalization/ Normalization of descriptions with noun-modifier pairs
  • Determination and removal of MRO data duplicity
  • Use of correct data dictionaries for product description
  • Accurate extraction and filing of attributes
  • Application of reliable information for data management, enhancement and validations
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