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Aftermarket data management within the motoring industry

The services we offer at Enventure Technologies cover many needs within the motor industry: mechanical engineering services; system software; PCB design and environmental compliance management under the GADSL and ELV directives. Tying all this together is master data management. Whatever your role within the automotive industry, efficient, up-to-date data management is essential across the entire supply chain, from component suppliers to end-users.

Many of our clients are involved in the design of aftermarket products; i.e. the tools, accessories and system hardware installed into vehicles after they have been sold. When important changes are made to products, it’s important the information is relayed along the entire supply chain.

‘Bolt on’ sat nav systems are a good example of aftermarket engineering, and a good example of how badly things can go wrong. With satellite navigation systems, out-of-date software can lead to fatal consequences – as happened recently in the UK, when a sat nav loaded with out-of-date software was directly responsible for a fatal accident in which a young child was killed. While no-one can force customers to upload new software onto old products, maintaining an unbroken flow of information which covers multiple channels, and extends from the manufacturer to the customer supplier (and hence to the customer themselves), helps minimize risk and keeps efficiency to a maximum.

Economically, significant sales are lost in the automotive industry each year due to aftermarket traders having out-of-date and inaccurate data about their products. To prove how essential effective master data management is in the aftermarket trade, in 2005 three leading US trade organizations formed the Aftermarket Data Trust to tackle the problems poor management has caused.

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