Environmental Compliance Services

Enventure is a pioneer in engineering and environmental compliance services with a global customer base.

Established in 1997, with an expert project management team, Enventure offered efficient engineering design services at the launch. But with the market evolution, we forayed into the field of environmental regulations in 2003 and have become the leaders in offering compliance services. Our compliance services in the area of RoHS, REACH and Conflict Minerals have enabled over 600 global corporations to fulfil their compliance requirements within stipulated timelines and with efficient cost optimization.

Environmental Compliance Services

Enventure has been consistently providing Compliance support across the supply chain for OEMs, EMS providers, component manufacturers and distributors. We have earned the repute and experience by delivering compliance data requirements across a diverse set of industries such as Electronics, Electrical, Automotive and SEC listed companies. Enventure collects a wide range of compliance data from suppliers for custom, mechanical and electronic parts, thus making the company finest in terms of parts coverage. With high quality service delivery, our team is considered one of the most credible compliance service providers amongst a circle of large global corporations.

Our Environmental Compliance Solutions enable clients to effortlessly manage Regulatory Compliance by helping them comply with various regulations across the world. We reduce our clients’ burden of having to deal with huge challenges due to information flow gap between suppliers and buyers, disparate and inconsistent data declaration formats available with each one in the Supply Chain and ongoing changes in existing regulations.

Enventure offers a comprehensive portfolio of services to cater to the dynamic needs of the Environmental Regulation industry. The skilled team at Enventure also strongly believes in supporting their clients with the best of time and resource optimization. The following service delivery process enables Enventure to offer Compliance support with speed, precision and accuracy.

  • Corporate compliance strategy
  • Collect and maintain information about the compliance status of each product
  • Compliance Documentation for each product
  • Audit trail
  • Consulting
  • Impact Analysis
  • Data collection and Reporting
  • Training and Education
  • Supplier Training
  • Developing Compliance Road Maps
  • Consulting and Gap Analysis
  • Collection of Required data and/or Declarations from Suppliers
  • Ongoing Maintenance of Supplier Declarations
  • Environmental Compliance Roadmap definition for regulations such as REACH, RoHS, WEEE and others
  • Gap Analysis
  • Compliance strategy development
  • Compliance platform evaluation and selection
  • Process setup for managing compliance program