Process Engineering Services

The Enventure Engineering Team provides Process Engineering reviews and adaption expertise to clients that enable them to improve the safety, quality, environmental performance, reliability, operability, efficiency and economy of their plants.

Our clients in USA and Canada often utilize our team as a virtual extension of their own internal engineering teams, as the flexibility and scalability in engaging with us are far superior to what they may be able to achieve otherwise. Clients trust the Enventure team for their strengths in cost efficiency, design engineering and procurement management services skills and process innovation.

The Process Engineering, design and graphics team delivers support to clients needing assistance during conceptual studies, front end engineering and detailed engineering.

Enventure has the capability to participate and contribute to Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) or Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP) initiatives. Additionally, the team supports Management of Change (MOC) activities to ensure that integrity is maintained throughout the design and development process. Our services are used across industries such as Oil & Gas, Chemical, Power, Water Treatment, Pharmaceuticals and Utilities.

Enventure’s Process Engineering services utilized across the process industry are:

  • PFD and P&ID review and adaptation
  • Plant & Facility Layouts
  • PDF (or vellum) to Digital Field Verification

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