Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering Services

Enventure’s outstanding focus on quality, schedule and efficiency, makes it one of the most sought after service providers for Electrical & Instrumentation (E&I) Engineering.

Enventure offers a host of Electrical, Instrumentation & Control system engineering services to clients that need engineering assistance with a new plant setup or to revamp and upgrade an existing plant.

Enventure specializes in developing electrical engineering packages that are tailored to project specifications, while considering customer preferences regarding equipment origin and make. The E&I engineering team works in collaboration with process designers, mechanical engineers and plant layout specialists to deliver tangible benefits like reduced costs, by developing optimized designs and utilizing cost effective equipment.

Product Specialists work in teams, creating core groups specialized in areas such as motors, power distribution, instrumentation and process controls. The team also assists clients in complying with process safety management and process hazard analysis requirements.

Enventure’s Electrical Engineering services include

  • Preparation of Data Sheets and Specifications
  • 3DModeling
  • Wire Harness Design
  • Bill of Materials Preparation
  • Generation of Single Line Diagrams(SLD) and Cable Schedule
  • Hazardous Area Classification Drawings
  • Creation of Electrical GA Drawings, Wiring Diagrams and Wiring Lists

Enventure’s Instrumentation and Control Engineering services include

  • Preparation of Instrument Specifications and Data Sheets
  • Control System Architecture
  • 3D Modeling of Cable Trays and Instrument Panels
  • Instrument Hook-up Diagrams
  • Instruments List & Logic Diagrams
  • PLC Programming
  • Bill of Materials Preparation
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