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Have you ever considered outsourcing procurement activities such as sourcing and supplier management to a third party? Many companies worldwide have recognized the benefits of outsourcing procurement functions, to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and bring in specialized skills to their procurement function. Enventure specialize in delivering MRO procurement solutions that provide a very high level of efficiency in the procurement and supplier management process. Much of the transactional work within procurement is considered ‘low hanging fruit’ for outsourcing, as they are processes that can be clearly defined, and measurable with specific KPI metrics. Adopting a procurement outsourcing strategy enables enable key resources in your organization to focus on their key functions and deliver on strategic initiatives. Enventure’s procurement outsourcing service is fully customizable, to meet your unique business needs. The procurement services an organization can consider outsourcing are: Strategic sourcingBid equalization
Our Procurement Outsourcing Services
Category management PO processing
Vendor qualification & onboarding Order Confirmations & Expediting
RFI / RFQ support Invoice reconciliations
Contract and Performance management Spend Management
Low Cost Country Sourcing Supplier quality monitoring
Our procurement experts also assist you in strategy development and implementation and procurement process reengineering, including benchmarking of your current operations. Our MRO commodity specialists have deep knowledge of commodities as well as the global supply base, which ensures sustainable results that improve profitability.

Key benefits of mro procurement outsourcing Services:

  • Process standardization and efficiency improvement
  • Lower overhead costs
  • Access to highly skilled personnel with supply base intelligence
  • Multilingual capabilities for supplier engagement
  • Flexible and scalable team capacity
  • Focus internal resources on core functions
  • Well defined KPIs to measure process productibity and quality
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