Eclass classification

eCl@ss is an international standard for material classification of products, materials, and services, which is maintained by the industry consortia eCl@ss e.V. association headquartered in Germany. eCl@ss e.V. is the organization that defines, develops, and distributes this standard across all industries, that use eCl@ss as a product-grouping commodity code. It can be implemented in eCommerce, Product Information Management (PIM) systems, as well as with materials and services, to group similar materials together, as well as enable keyword search. The eCl@ss standard is available in English, German and many other languages, and supports a wide industrial base. Enventure’ s eCl@ss electronic cataloguing services enable manufacturers and distributors to catalogue their materials and services, in compliance to the eCl@ss standards. In some cases, clients may already have other classifications system like UNSPSC in place, in which case Enventure is able to provide mappings between the UNSPSC class and the eCl@ss category applicable. Classify materials and services as per the eCl@ss standard requires high product category knowledge, as well as a very good understanding of the eCl@ss standard itself, which is a core strength of Enventure. Our experience in eCl@ss classification spans across different industry verticals, such as Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Automotive, Mining and many more.

Our Eclass services include:

  • ecl@ss Consulting
  • Implementation of eCl@ss across dataset
  • eCl@ss to UNSPSC mapping
  • Ongoing support services
  • Master Data Governance
The basic structure of the eCl@ss is below: eClass Classification

Benefits of Eclass classification

  • Products and services are in a standardised category structure
  • Covers all products, materials (direct, indirect) and services
  • Clearly and quickly identifiable Products and Services across the supply chain
  • Easy to use for procurement processes
  • Allows efficient linking of e-Procurement processes
  • Allows end users to easily compare suppliers and product portfolios
  • Integration between systems is easy
  • Accurate MIS reporting
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