Master Data Management Services

Enventure’s Master Data Management (MDM) Services enable organizations to enhance and maintain the integrity of their master data, which includes the direct and indirect materials database as well as the supplier database.

Developing a ‘single version of truth’ by consolidating data from multiple systems, departments and geographies is a time consuming and cost-intensive exercise if done internally.

Benefits of Quality Master Data

Benefits of Quality Master Data

Enventure’s solutions provide an efficient way to address the data quality challenge, as well as ensure good data governance on an ongoing basis.

Enventure solutions enable Clients to:

  • Create and manage clean and up-to-date material master repositories, which serve as the backbone for Supply Chain, Procurement and Maintenance
  • Optimize the supplier base, to reduce Cost of purchasing and procurement, shipping cost and improve strategic sourcing relationships and maintain pricing rationalization
  • Optimize the purchasing process through Integrated Supply
  • Manage MRO/ Indirect parts inventory to reduce Asset down time, reduce inventory carrying costs and improve Warehouse/Stores management
  • Improve control of Direct Materials, by optimizing Bills of Materials (BOM) Management and ensuring efficient procurement.

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