3D Laser Scanning Services

The 3D Laser Scanning division complements Enventure’s decades of design engineering expertise, both in Process Plant and Building engineering sectors. We employ best of the talent with suitable technology to provide qualitative and efficient 3D modeling services. Architecture, Cultural heritage, Civil & Infrastructure, Shipbuilding & Petrochemical industries have garnered great value with the advents of long and short-range 3D Laser Scanning. Enventure is in midst of all this, changing market dynamics while supporting its customers across globe.

3D Services Sector

In the Architectural, Civil & Infrastructure sector, the interoperability between the Point Cloud and BIM application is constantly evolving and we have built our own tools to enhance and fasten the modeling time. Dimensional control is vital while building a new structure, as well in renovation projects especially dealing with old structures having less or incorrect drawings and data available for co-ordination, we build information models in Revit which further facilitates accurate Clash Detection, Quantity Take-offs, Drawing regeneration, visualization & rendering purposes. Our team can prepare Models at LOD400 levels and capture exact site conditions and that acts as an as-built model for the built environment.

3D Scanning Object

The Process engineering & shipbuilding sector is adapting to 3D laser scanning for timely and accurate asset and facility management. Enventure combines its design & detail engineering abilities with 3D laser scanning services. Our team not just provides solid modeling of an Oil & Gas or Chemical or an industrial plant; we can develop parametric models too. The need of an As-Built model typically arises when there is a Plant relocation or modernization or even capacity and efficiency enhancement

Enventure can deliver the models in various formats such as Revit, AutoCAD MEP, AutoCAD Plant 3D, Solid works and Navies works

Services provided by Enventure:-
  • As-Built 3D Modeling
  • As-Built 2D Mapping
  • Parametric/Intelligent Modeling
  • Architectural/Heritage building modeling
  • 2D Façade mapping
  • 3D Non-Intelligent Models
  • 3D Parametric/Intelligent Modeling
  • 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM) Models
  • 2D CAD Drawings (Floor plans & Sectional Drawings)

The product engineering sector widely uses laser scanning to develop CAD models of spare parts of an older machine, parts of an industrial plant, automotive parts etc. While Enventure’s design engineering team develops a product from design phase, the reverse engineering team enables our clients to create intelligent models allowing re-creating the parts and to enhance or improve their design.

3D Services
  • 3D Mesh Models
  • 3D Solid Models

As more companies look for 3D scanning services & systems, they are demanding providers have experience in their industry and have the proven expertise to meet their unique needs. Enventure builds value for its clients through 3D expertise in a broad range of industries.

Our expertise is honed from a long time legacy of 3D innovation and service excellence, and allows us to serve an array of project types and industries to speed up your reverse engineering and inspection needs.

To see our industry expertise in action, contact our 3D engineering experts today.

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