Asset Register Services

Asset Register is a structured list of all assets /equipment in a plant. It facilitates recording additions, disposals, revaluations, impairments, conducting an audit of assets and asset verification, estimating the repairs and maintenance cost, estimating the future capital investment, etc… A fixed asset register also provides a single view to quickly learn about any asset owned by the business.

A plant asset / equipment register should include:

  • Plant/Unit
  • Section System
  • Location
  • Asset description with Key specifications
  • OEM/Manufacturer name
  • Model number
  • Serial Number
  • Tag number
  • Installation date
  • Operation start date
  • The first step of Enventure’ s asset management services is building an asset register. The initial asset register is created using P&ID drawings, equipment manuals, and other related technical documents. Enventure will conduct a plant walk down to collect the details of the assets on the ground and update/modify the asset register and build an accurate asset register with all relevant information.

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