What is the REACH directive?

The REACH directive is a piece of environmental compliance regulation. At first glance REACH is a lot like the RoHS directive in that it governs the safe use of chemical substances. The difference is that REACH is far broader in its scope, dealing with a different set of substances that need to be handled in different ways. It’s an evolving piece of legislation with new substances due to be added over time. The expectations on companies operating within REACH’s remit will also change over time.

Like most environmental compliance management legislation, REACH goes much further than telling companies and individuals how they can use and handle substances of environmental concern, or those which might have health implications. It also states that comprehensive records need to be kept, covering more or less every movement or usage of any quantity of those hazardous chemicals.

Sound complicated? It doesn’t have to be. We can sort out all your compliance issues for you and help put in place a simple system for your staff, both to keep them safe and to make sure your company stays well within the letter of the law. Doing so yourself can be both expensive and time consuming. It takes research to fully understand REACH and RoHS and where they do and don’t apply to any particular company and any given situation, and consulting an expert is the perfect shortcut.

Our tailored software will ensure that you lose a minimum of working time to compliance issues. If staff need training, that’s no problem. At Enventure, we have the knowledge and the ability to pass it on to your workers.

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