Save Money with Cost Reduction Services

Cost Reduction Services Here at Enventure we are very proud of our Cost Reduction Services. We like to think of this as a very collaborative process and customers working with us. Together, we have been working with external suppliers and have shown savings in the Bill Of Materials (BOM Cost) from 10% to 25%. Because we as a company work in a number of different areas such as electronic design, mechanical design, and sourcing, we utilize a team who know all of these areas and can cross borders in ways that other companies are often unable to do to keep costs down.

As well as sourcing high-quality components from the cheapest available sources, and sometimes buying in bulk and passing those costs onto you; we also source from non-local countries if we think we can get savings that we can pass on without this negatively effecting quality. We may also suggest different replacement parts or a variation in design to help cut the overall costs. We keep very up-to-date on current technologies which may well have changed even during the design phase of the project. It is sometimes the case that technologies have moved on to the extent that we can suggest a completely new technology with a lower BOM cost to replace something in your build. Integration is also something we look at, especially with changes on the IC market happening so fast.

Our cost reduction services also look at the mechanical design, optimizing the mechanical complexity and the mechanical component costs and even occasionally shifting manufacture to a cheaper country if required.

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