What is the WEEE Directive?

At Enventure, as part of our environmental compliance services, we can ensure that your organization meets the WEEE directive, which will help you avoid any costs associated with non-compliance as well ensuring that you reach compliance expediently. But what exactly is the WEEE directive, and how can we help you meet the challenge of WEEE compliance?

The WEEE legislation – or Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Legislation – is legislation that has been devised in order to ensure that the waste associated with electrical and electronic equipment is not only handled correctly but actively reduced, through a proper recycling strategy.

WEEE directive compliance isn’t just an arbitrary legal requirement therefore, but has a clear goal. Meeting WEEE compliance is not just a legal issue, but has an ethical dimension. With this in mind, it is doubly important that your organization meets WEEE compliance effectively – which is where our environmental compliance services can help.

One of the key challenges with environmental compliance is one of complexity of data, and therefore as part of our WEEE compliance services we offer a consultation solution, which will help you to identify exactly what wee compliance means for your business, and get you well on your way to reaching regulations.

We will also help you to manage information relating to WEEE compliance in relation to your operations, which is essential in giving manufacturers a substance level knowledge of their production lines relating to compliance – which will help them to identify better and more effective ways to reach WEEE compliance in the long term.

Whilst WEEE compliance can be complex, with the right consultation strategy and approach, successful WEEE compliance cannot only be easy but cost effective, too.

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