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Reverse engineering puts Commodore classic back on the market

For most, the Commodore C64 computer is a sentimental memory. However, Commodore USA have re-released the iconic 1982 classic for the 21st century, using high speed PCB design and reverse engineering tools that are straight out of TRON (also released in 1982). It may have the retro looks of the old C64, but underneath it’s a whole new Legacy.

Back in 1982, the 8-bit Commodore 64 was seriously cutting-edge. Oh how things have changed. Externally, the hardware design is identical to the 1982 original, right down to the beige plastic casing and chunky, clunky keyboard. It even has the classic rainbow logo. But what is housed inside is totally updated. The steam-driven 8-bit 6510 microprocessor has been replaced with an Intel Atom 1.8GHz Dual Core CPU, with up to 500GB of hard drive storage and 4GB of expandable RAM – compared to the 64KB 1980s game players had to use. Then again, Donkey Kong uses up a bit less memory than TRON Legacy – though as Commodore USA have also re-released a number of classic games, you can still play it.

The revamped retro classic is a triumph of reverse engineering and high speed PCB design, available in various formats. Features include USB ports, DVD-RW drive, Gigabit Ethernet, multi-format card reader, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, nVidia ION2 graphics, Blu-ray drive and Digital Visual Interface. All in a compact casing the same size as the original. Naturally, environmental compliance solutions also had to be found – the RoHs WEEE directive was unknown in 1982.

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