Orcad and Allegro PCB Design – Value Engineering Services you Can’t do Without

Modern firmware development and system design engineers have complicated needs. They are increasingly being asked to come up with complex VLSI and “FPGA Design Services” FPGA design layouts, in the quickest time possible. This is when they turn to Cadence Allegro and Orcad PCB design systems – the modern way to attack complex PCB tasks.

Cadence are one of the leading names in printed circuit board (PCB) design. If you have a tricky FPGA or ASIC design task, chances are you’ll perform it using Cadence’s Virtuoso, Encounter or Incisive platforms, which allow full-custom layout, FPGA simulation, DSP programming and more. However, for more generalized PCB design tasks, as well as smaller design teams or individual users, the OrCAD, PSpice or PCB engineering services Allegro PCB design platforms are preferable.

OrCAD is used widely by PCB engineers, being one of the most popular platforms for automated electronic design. Using the proprietary software, technicians can create electronic prints, schematics and diagrams. These are then created as actual printed circuit boards using MDP, or Mask data preparation hardware, and GDS11 or OASIS software. Just like CAD, it allows for simulations of your virtually created designs before they are turned into reality, saving untold time and frustration.

OrCAD Capture CIS is one of a number of PCB design engineering services PCB design tools within the OrCAD suite. As well as routine schematic capture (digital diagrams) of integrated circuits, it incorporates a component information system (CIS) which allows fast and easy between PCB design tools. We at Enventure Technologies offer an extensive range of PCB layout and design services, using OrCAD, Allegro and many other design platforms.Require PCB Design Support?

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