Mechatronics – The Digitalized Face of Mechanical Engineering

Modern engineering is no longer divided into distinct fields. If you were to draw a Venn Diagram containing all the different disciplines – mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, system design etc – they would overlap to a large degree. This is the field of mechatronics – an amalgam of mechanical engineering, electronics, computer aided design and systems control

Mechanical design and CAD CAM CAE services are closely interlinked. The term is acronymous for computer aided design, manufacture and engineering. Although the three disciplines are all distinctly different, they are closely related and often used together. CAD design is used to visualize concepts, often using 3d rendering or CAD animation tools.

Computer Aided Engineering or CAE is the underpinning factor in all this. CAE is an embrace-all term relating to every task that utilizes computer software in the engineering workplace. It goes far beyond just design and manufacture. Thermal analysis; CFD (computational fluid dynamics); computer-aided planning, reverse engineering and part obsolescence management are included too.

Add engineering BOM (bill of materials) and material requirements planning software to this list, and pretty soon you’re going to need another Venn diagram. Because at this point master data management (and all its associated spin-offs) is creeping in. No wonder mechanical engineers today often feel they can’t see the sheet metal for the steel filings!

There’s no need to feel disheartened. Remember, you can offload as few or as many of these tasks as you want to us at Enventure Technologies – we can take care of it all.

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