Industrial Design – Scope And Importance

October 21, 2011 Tags:

Industrial design refers to the process in which the product or its components are modified or improved so as to yield better results. The aim of industrial design services is to make the product equally beneficial for both the user and the manufacturer who produces it. The manufacturer should be able to get profits from the sale and at the same time, the product should be worth of the buyers’ money. The industrial designers often have to look into other details too, apart from the features of the product. These include the interface design, packaging techniques, exhibits, ergonomics etc. They try to bring in novelty and stand apart in the market.

The electronics industry is one of the main fields which make use of the industrial design services to the maximum. The industrial electronics design services are on the rise, with the increase in competition. The designers focus on the product, its components and also the enclosure design. Industrial designing concentrates equally on the usability and physical appearance of the product. The product must be aesthetic enough to persuade the prospect into purchase, as well as useful so that the buyers remain satisfied. Before the designing process, a research on the similar products and the preferences of the prospects is done. The design is then modeled and tested before they are finalized.

CAD designs and other 3D softwares are widely used by the industrial designers and engineers. Though these are greatly helpful, creativity is a major factor that should complement the knowledge of softwares, for an industrial designer to become successful.

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