CAD – Popularly Beneficial

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Computer Aided Design, popularly known as CAD Design, refers to the use of computer technology for the purpose of designing and drafting in various fields. It is also known as Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD). CAD is extensively used in many fields, as a substitute for manual technical and engineering drawings. It is widely applicable in industries such as architecture, aerospace, multimedia, automotive, prosthetics, etc. The major benefit of Computer Aided Designs over the manual drawings is that the designers can complete the designs much faster. As a result, their productivity increases and more works can be completed in less time. The firms benefit much from this as they can finish more work with less labour.

The designs done using CAD are of high quality and fewer errors are likely to occur when compared to manual drawing. If errors occur, they can easily be corrected and the design can be modified using the computer technology. Moreover, the design can be zoomed in and out for obtaining distinct views of the parts or components of the drawn object. With the CAD software, the designer can scale the image as per the needs and guidelines. In case the designer wants to add additional properties to an object, the Computer Aided Design software provides the option to create such custom properties.

The computer hard drive saves the data drafted with CAD. Hence, the backup is automatically created, which reduces the risk of losing the data. Furthermore, an easy conversion of 2D drawings into 3D is also possible with the use of CAD technology.

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