Benefits of 3D Techniques

October 21, 2011 Tags:

3D images are widely popular in industries like automotive, engineering and architecture, where drawing and designing are the most relevant. 3D animation and modeling is a career that is flourishing rapidly with more and more people choosing the same. Softwares like the 3D max make the designing process easy. The software is also useful for creating special visual effects while developing game characters, or animated characters in cartoons and movies. The architects and engineers, who develop CAD designs of their projects, also prefer to create them in the 3D view. The output of the designs created in the software is obtained through the process known as 3D max rendering.

Images in the 3D format are easily comprehensible than the 2D designs. Hence, the modelers create 3D drafts or convert designs from 2D to 3D to work on all the minutest details. A model of a building created by an architect, for example, replicates the exact model of the proposed plan in the 3D design. It reflects the design from all angles, with exact measurements. Hence, 2D to 3D conversions is high in demand. Images in 3D formats, especially in the CAD software, can be zoomed in and zoomed out, which helps in viewing the minute areas clearly. Editing or modifying is also easily possible. Moreover, most of the softwares have the option such that the whole image modifies and gets corrected automatically according to the changes that the designer makes at one point. This helps in maintaining more accuracy with fewer errors.

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