Obsolescence Management – Streamlining your Operations

One of the biggest drawbacks in living in an age that is advancing at such a startling pace, is that even the most cutting edge products are destined for obsolescence. This puts great pressure on organizations to not only continuously develop new ideas, but also to engage in part obsolescence management, which will ensure that any costs relating to obsolescence of products and components is limited.

At Enventure, as part of our mechanical engineering and design services, we offer an obsolescence management solution which ensures the prevailing problem of obsolescence doesn’t unduly eat up your profit margins.

It’s no good waiting for a product to go through the costly stage of development before you evaluate it for obsolescence, especially not in the light of advances in design such as photorealistic rendering. With this in mind we evaluate a product’s lifecycle at the design stage, and thereby avoid the potential significant cost of having to reinvent a physical product or prototype.

However, our obsolescence management services aren’t just confined to the design stage, and we understand that there may be issues relating to obsolescence in active products. Therefore we employ our expertise to identify any ‘at risk of obsolescence’ components within active products.

One of the most effective solutions to obsolescence is a last time buy strategy, and at Enventure we ensure your last time buy strategy is as effective as it possibly can be, and optimized to limiting the negative effects of obsolescence.

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