Long term MRO Data Cleansing – Necessity or Outdated Legacy?

In engineering, a legacy system is outdated but continues to be used. Common in aviation, aerospace and military establishments, it covers system software as well as mechanical designs and embedded firmware. The MRO (maintenance, repair and operations) of older systems can be time-consuming, costly and counter-productive. Yet it is quite often the only option. You can’t simply replace or update expensive military hardware the way you can a mobile phone or DVD player. Domestic aircraft and cruise vessels are designed to have long product lifecycles – and are often sold on. Factory machinery, once installed, is unlikely to be replaced any time soon; ditto drilling platforms and petrochemical equipment. Legacy engineering is all about maintenance. Not just MRO maintenance, but part obsolescence management and environmental compliance management too. As systems get older, so MRO maintenance gets more unpredictable and involved, with many different areas of authority, both internal and external. It’s all very well tracking down obsolete conductors, but do they obey the latest directives on the WEEE compliance scheme? More importantly, is your MRO data cleansing software as outdated as the hardware it’s supporting? Where external partners are involved, it’s vital your IT system is compatible with theirs. Accuracy is vital in MRO. Data cleansing and conversion of existing files may be onerous, particularly where large fleets are concerned, but it is essential to maintain reliability and ensure public and corporate safety. We at Enventure Technologies offer a comprehensive range of component engineering and data cleansing services. Our MRO maintenance solutions ensure your equipment will run like clockwork, no matter what its age.
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