Don’t Take Risks – Tips On Enterprise Data Management

Component cross reference, data cleansing, PCN alerts, BOM scrubbing, obsolescence management – with all this to think about, it’s a wonder the average engineering company gets any work done at all! It becomes simpler if you consider all these as elements of enterprise data management, an area in which we have a great deal of expertise.

Enterprise data management covers a diverse number of areas, not least environmental compliance. With increasing numbers of semiconductors and other essentials becoming unavailable owing to their chemical content, it’s vital you are up to date with the latest RoHS and REACH regulations, and have a risk-based strategy to managing component supplies. Even if your environmental compliance management is watertight, you still need to have a structured plan to avoid component shortages and communication breakdowns.

Even the most basic engineering project today requires a complex bill of materials. The supply chain may be extensive, with multiple agents, and your project will require up-to-date information on component availability, contact information, obsolescence, etc. This in turn means a tight hand on the RoHS/WEEE directives (for example, end dates for exemptions). It means a complicated and multidirectional approach, backed by the relevant system software, but it’s necessary to negate risk and ensure continuity of the product you are manufacturing or maintaining. If you fall behind on your enterprise data management, you risk increased expense, loss of revenue, and even loss of contracts.

We at Enventure Technologies offer a range of BOM management, data cleaning and obsolescence management solutions, to suit companies of every size and budget.

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