Cleaning Up – The Importance of MRO Maintenance

If you run an engineering or manufacturing company, the chances are that MRO data cleansing is important to you. MRO depends on hundreds or even thousands of components. This requires an effective and up-to-date data management system – which itself must be maintained.

MRO maintenance is essential to the effective running of any company where manufacturing or engineering systems are involved. MRO stands for maintenance, repair and operations, i.e. the fixing, repair and maintenance of mechanical and electrical systems and devices. It covers both the fixing of broken down and faulty machinery, and the routine scheduled and preventative maintenance programs which help prevent such breakdowns occurring in the first place.

It’s essential to the smooth running of such systems that accurate and up-to-date data records are kept, as well as an in-house catalog of parts and auxiliaries, with up-to-date information on suppliers so you know who and where your contacts are. If a part you’re using is about to become obsolete, you need to know about it so you can stock up or find a replacement, so part obsolescence management is important too.

However, when you’re running a busy company it’s easy to let such things slip, especially if you don’t have an effective MRO data system to start with. This is where we at Enventure Technologies come in. Our MRO maintenance services and data cleansing solutions ensure you have an effective method of managing and optimizing your MRO materials data, with a single catalog consolidating all the parts and materials your system uses.

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