CMRT v4.10 with Updated Smelter List

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CMRTThe latest template by the CFSI CMRT, version 4.10 has been released on April 29th, 2016 that advises companies to start using version 4.10 over the next few months.The template is critical for companies who use conflict minerals like gold, tantalum, tin and tungsten to meet the regulations of the CFSI and to report their customer source to the smelter origin.

CFSI has the CMRT v4.10 and updated standard smelter list available on the CFSI website, that can be used by the manufacturers who need to consider the changes for the 2016 reporting.


The revision number change implies that major revisions have been made to the older template. Noted errors and bugs from CMRT v4.01b have been corrected, additions and improvements have been made and published as CMRT v4.10 for the current reporting year, 2016.

The CMRT v4.01b underwent the following changes in the v4.10.

  • Not conflicting changes with IPC-1755:Additions and clarifications in the instructions and definitions
  • Updates & corrections on Standard Smelter List and Smelter Reference List as of March 23, 2016 have been made along with ASCII character set alignment.
  • Re-introduced “smelter not yet identified” in Smelter List Tab.
  • Introduced “Smelter Identification Number Input Column” in Smelter List Tab which triggers to auto-populate the smelter details from column B to J.
  • Translation of CMRT to Turkish language has been introduced.
  • Rectification of all the errors and bugs that were in v4.01
  • Removal of the below listed smelters in v4.10.
Metal Smelter Name Smelter ID
Gold Aktyubinsk Copper Company TOO CID000028
Gold Bauer Walser AG CID000141
Gold Metahub Industries Sdn. Bhd. CID002821
Gold OJSC Kolyma Refinery CID001328
Tantalum Avon Specialty Metals Ltd CID002705
Tantalum Guizhou Zhenhua Xinyun Technology Ltd., Kaili branch CID002501
Tin Metahub Industries Sdn. Bhd. CID001136
  • Added the below listed smelters in “Smelter Reference List” tab.
Metal Smelter Name Smelter ID
Gold AU Traders and Refiners CID002850
Gold AURA-II CID002851
Gold Bangalore Refinery CID002863
Gold Gujarat Gold Centre CID002852
Gold Kyshtym Copper-Electrolytic Plant ZAO CID002865
Gold Modeltech Sdn Bhd CID002857
Gold Remondis Argentia B.V. CID002582
Gold SAFINA A.S. CID002290
Gold Sai Refinery CID002853
Gold TOO Tau-Ken-Altyn CID002615
Gold Universal Precious Metals Refining Zambia CID002854
Tantalum Power Resources Ltd. CID002847
Tin Gejiu Jinye Mineral Company CID002859
Tin Modeltech Sdn Bhd CID002858
Tin PT O.M. Indonesia CID002757

Smelters that have been removed are the ones that failed to provide the evidence that meets the company definition of a smelter or refiner to CFSI or these may be no longer in operation as a smelter/refiner. Removal of smelters will impact the industries that have declared these smelters as valid smelters in their supply chain and they will need to go-back & revisit the smelters to declare the CMRT as per the revised version.

Smelters that have been added newly to the list have met CFSI requirement and have got certified. Few of the smelter names are corrected due to typographical error or to reflect as a legal entity.

Word of Caution: Companies under the purview of change, need to adopt the new and revised template provided by the CMRT for 2016 filing.

CMRT v4.10 with updated Smelter List
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