Material Master Cataloging

Since 1997, Enventure has been a strategic data solutions partner for various mid to large scale organizations that need comprehensive Material Master Catalogue creation and maintenance support.

The effectiveness for all major global manufacturing companies is often seen to get hampered by dependency on inaccurate and obsolete data. The seamless process of maintaining such data in an orderly fashion enables smooth transactions for procurement as well as operations team. A robust data driven process helps you organize and synchronize the mundane activities of the organisation.

Enventure offers end to end catalogue creation and maintenance solutions for Material Master that enable companies to improve performance, mitigate risks, and thereby enhance profitability. The team at Enventure is focused to help asset driven organizations to build a robust foundation of classified data for a varied set of indirect parts. Structured, accurate and complete MRO materials data will bring efficiency across functions of your enterprise.

Bad Data vs Good Data

The challenge for every organisation is maintaining the quality of data over time. Due to multiple systems and lack of standard taxonomy defined across ERP, EAM, PLM systems, supply chain stakeholders lose control over sanctity of data.

Here is an example with poor vs enriched data of a spare part:

Bad data vs good data

Common Errors in legacy data and its impact
  • Non standard naming
  • Inconsistent formation in data
  • Inconsistent application of UOM
  • Poor searchability
  • Unable to identify duplicate spares
Advantages of Enriched data
  • Standard naming convention
  • Enabled grouping and sorting
  • Consistent material description
  • Applied Standard UOM
  • Identified and eliminated Duplicates

Enventure customises methodology of cataloguing workflow as per specific customer requirement and builds a strong basis for a structured catalogue, based on standard taxonomy for industrial MRO parts. Enventure uses taxonomy based on international standards such as UNSPSC, eCl@ss, NAICS, MESC to ensure consistency in characterizing and cataloguing MRO inventory.

Enventure’s On site / Offshore Material Master Cataloguing Services include:

  • Legacy data collection
  • Collection of data from purchase orders in case of ‘no legacy system’
  • Combine the legacy data with existing system
  • Finalize Schema
  • Validate, cleanse and enrich data in case of any gaps
  • Identify gaps between the agreed data structure and legacy data
  • Identify and tag the duplicate items across Plants/ Manufacturing Units
  • Material coding & group coding based on MESC / UNSPSC and e Class
  • Physical data collection and verification
  • Catalogued data entry into the legacy systems
  • Data analysis for performance improvements in spend & supplier management, inventory optimization, operational risk, product quality, and asset availability.

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