Mechanical Support Services

Enventure serves clients across USA, Canada and Europe, enabling them to take their products to market faster, and supporting them with ongoing quality assurance and manufacturing support services.

Enventure aims to be a one-stop-shop for clients and offers allied support services, as a value added offering to customers. The support services offered by us include prototyping, manufacturing support, testing coordination, manufacturing quality assurance and other such services, which eases out the process of initiating and sustaining mass manufacturing.

Enventure’s mechanical support services for design include:

  • Prototyping – Enventure has partners in Asia as well as in USA, who are leaders in rapid prototyping. On completion of any new design, Enventure takes on the prototyping coordination with a suitable partner, which simplifies the whole process of taking a concept to a proven prototype for the client.
  • Testing –Enventure utilizes third party test houses, to evaluate a product it has designed and obtain required certifications for the client.
  • Vendor Identification and Assessment – We take up identification of qualified manufacturing companies in low cost countries, suitable to customers’ product profile, volumes, mix and technologies. Once the vendor is identified, contracting and coordination services are also provided.
  • Ongoing Support for Product Quality Assurance – This involves deployment of quality inspectors who assist in defining manufacturing processes and ensure process adherence for high levels of outbound product quality assurance.
  • Logistics Support– We lend our support for effective procurement and management of inbound and outbound supply chain.